LEE LAWLESS, singer-songwriter / Rock, Blues, R&B

"...a strong blues/rock riff and a pleasant vocal from Lawless that sounds like a more subdued version of Jimi Hendrix or Robert Cray." "The riffing is wonderfully catchy and driving and is backed up by a chugging bass performance that demonstrates Lawless’ abilities aren’t just limited to playing lead"

       - Heath Andrews (Lee Lawless CD review)

"Lawless’ command of a strong blues-rock presence assures you that you’ll think about love and loss and muster up some defiance as well. A man who knows where he comes from and rocks and moves in his own direction is one worth paying heed to."

       - Omar Kasrawi ('Pancakes And Whiskey' review)


Thanks for coming by,  I am always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends.

As an artist, I consider it a challenge in today's music market to bridge a gap by writing songs that are of relevance today, while keeping my finger on the pulse of the dynamics of the classic rock era.

Though this approach may not always reach out across the board demographically, I do expect that my concepts in pop, blues, R&B, etc. will draw any given age group depending on the material. I hope that those of you who visit my website appreciate and enjoy my efforts thus far, thank you!

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You're All I Need Tonight.mp3

Thirty Days.mp3

Legendary Days.mp3

I Once Knew A Man.mp3

Let me Touch you.mp3

Buckwheat Honey RR.mp3


Angel On My Shoulders.mp3

Peace Truth & Rock N' Roll.mp3

BUCKWHEAT HONEY complementary download:

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